Submission of articles, posters and demonstrations to EGC 2015

Mandatory submission rules

  • Papers have to be written in French or English
  • Long papers are limited to 12 pages, short papers to 6 pages, papers accompanying posters to 2 pages, and papers presenting demonstrations to 6 pages
  • Regarding posters, submit only the descriptive paper and not the poster itself
  • Regarding demonstrations, submit only the descriptive paper and not the executable code
  • The current version of the LaTeX RNTI  style must be used to format the papers: 

  • When preparing your papers, it is MANDATORY to use the option “submission” of the LaTeX RNTI style. This option hides the author’s identities as well as their affiliation, thus insuring a completely anonymous evaluation process.
  • Authors may cite their own work on condition of doing so anonymously (however for demonstrations, a URL link to an online version is tolerated)

To ensure fairness, any submissions which are not strictly anonymous or exceed limits or do not respect the RNTI LaTeX format will not be evaluated.

Submission site

Submissions must be uploaded to the submission site managed by the EasyChair system at the following addresses:

  • For long and short papers, as well as posters:;   

Selection process of papers and posters (does not apply to demonstrations)

After an anonymous evaluation by multiple reviewers, the programme committee initiates a discussion between reviewers and authors before the final selection of papers: this step enables the authors to become familiar with the various reports regarding their submission and/or to introduce further information facilitating the understanding of their submission.

  • Responses will be limited to 150 words per reviewer
  • A new version of the paper may not be submitted under any circumstances. The remarks will only be used to adjust the reviewer’s reports and/or make the programme committee aware of these elements when selecting submissions.
  • Possible adjustments to the reviewer’s reports taking into account author’s responses will be made before the programme committee meeting.

Final versions of papers

Your paper’s final version must be introduced as a zip or tgz archive file containing the paper’s sources (tex files, images, possibly RNTI styles) and a proof PDF file. Please make sure that your submission is in strict accordance with the the LaTex format, while taking into account the following required points:

  • Delete all errors "Overfull hbox" (text or figure exceeding the margins) when compiling your LaTex file.
  • Use a relative size of images in relation to the text size:
    \includegraphics[width=0.89\textwidth, keepaspectratio]{file}
  • Prohibit the use of a negative vertical space (\vspace) to bring the legend closer to their respective figures

Also, in order to be published in the RNTI proceedings, each paper (long, short, poster and software demonstrations) must be submitted along with:

  • An author’s fully-paid registration to the conference. A fully-paid registration can only be associated with one paper.
  • The filled and signed author rights transfer form, to be downloaded here.The form must be included in the archive file.

Download here the call for papers in format PDF